One of the most popular and best video-sharing platforms is YouTube. If you use YouTube, you might be familiar with how it operates and how videos are added to YouTube channels. After submitting films to YouTube, you can utilize them and embed them on websites like Dailymotion and Vimeo as well as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. The only thing to keep in mind is that, unless you store each and every uploaded video file individually, you won't be able to access the video file that was put into the YouTube channel.

Why should you save YouTube videos to Google Drive?

We are moving to a time when content is streamed rather than downloaded. No one among us would ideally wish to download any data or files and use up storage space. It is now simple to store all of our favorite files in the cloud thanks to services like Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. The option to save YouTube videos to Google Drive should be a workable alternative in the event that there isn't much physical data storage.

How to Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive

You may already save your YouTube videos to Google Drive using a wide variety of techniques. We will only share with you information on how to save YouTube video administration to Google Drive using the Google Takeout method in the first way, which is one of the best and official methods available.

1. Using Google Takeout

  • To start, just click this link, and you'll be sent to the Google Takeout page.
  • You can see the Next option if you scroll down a little.
  • When prompted to choose a file format, simply choose Zip file from this page, click "Add to Drive," and then choose the option to create an archive.
  • It will now begin to upload your videos to Google Drive.
  • After a short while, you can choose to "Open in Drive" from this menu, which will bring you to the Drive link where your YouTube videos are stored.
  • You can now manage all of your YouTube videos from here.

2. Using Google Drive Extensions

Similar to this, installing third-party add-ons makes browsers more useful. Avoid installing too many extensions because doing so will slow down the website. Here, we'll cover how to use the official Save to Google Drive Chrome extension to download videos to your Google Drive account.

  1. Install the extension first. It is available for download from the Chrome web store. Click
  2. Go to the YouTube videos URL page that you wish to download after selecting Install Now. There are two options for downloading: either you can save the full web page for later use or you can save just the video file.
  3. As a first-time user, you must give the extension permission to access information from your Google account. It is obvious.
  4. You will be able to see the progress of saving after authorization.

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How to Manually Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive

Although the aforementioned guide is straightforward and simple to use, it has several drawbacks. The use of the Chrome browser is one of the most important ones. Other browsers like Firefox and Opera don't have the Save to Google Drive extension. The fact that the approach described above is PC-only is another significant drawback. If you are using a smartphone or another device, you cannot use this strategy.

These are some of the reasons I'm bringing up a manual technique that will be effective, simple to use, and compatible with practically all gadgets. You will need to exert additional action, though. Therefore, the following is how to manually save a YouTube movie to Google Drive:

  • Activate the YouTube app.
  • Open the YouTube video you wish to download to Google Drive right now.
  • Copy the video's URL. If you're using a mobile application, you may also copy the link by tapping the Share button and then immediately copying the URL from the address bar.
  • Go to now and put the URL in the box labeled "Paste your video link here" before selecting the Download option.
  • Click the Download button to start the video download after the website produces a download link.
  • Visit the Google Drive mobile app after that.
  • Open the folder now, and add the video.