if you are wondering if the console is available on Chromebook and look for ways to open it, this post is right for you.

The command prompt, also known as the command console, mobilized as a program in many operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. This prompt allows users to provide commands for the interpretation of the command line and to obtain instructions managed by the IT system. We can define the command line as a user-based user interface that displays the lines and the cursor empty on the screen while digiting the instructions that will be immediately implemented allowing the user to promote what to do directly. Command lines with the support of all the main operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a tool that can directly involve programmers and energy users to perform all types of file management operations.

The use of the command line is much more effective than graphic user interface activities (GUI). It is an anchoring or teaching processor, which uses the control row interface to receive instructions from the user in the form of text lines. It provides a way to set the parameters for the environment, starting with the executable and providing them with information on what actions do.

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Command Prompt - Chrome Shell (Croch)

Google Chrome's browser is equipped with Chromebook; Command prompts. This is different from other operating systems. The command prompt is available with the Chrome browser. Now you might think about how to insert it. It's very simple. You can do it by issuing cross-shell commands. Consider a prompt from the Shell commands in the Windows operating system. So this is an interface that allows users to insert controls, perform applications, and so on.

Access to Krosh Shell

To start, press Ctrl + Alt + T and the command prompt was also open in a special card in the Google Chrome browser. When it is successfully opened, type "shell" without quotations to be obtained from the Chrome browser to the Root Linux shell.

Krosh Help Command

You might think why you want to use a command prompt or crush the shell on your Chromebook. Ok, if you are interested and you want to surround your Chromebook device, there are several directions that you can perform to check the topics. There is a section for basic aid and there is also a sophisticated auxiliary section. In the basic auxiliary part of Krosh, you can use the Ping command or the upper command.

Help Krosh

You can easily see the basic cross-shell controls available for Chromebook by typing the "Help" command without quotations. This will list many commands that you need to carry out some basic activities. The "top" command shows all the processes running in system information and in the current session.

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Starting thoughts

Then that's all. This article basically protects the prompt of crushing commands of the crushing command prompt. And commands are used to carry out basic activities and check the execution information. As a Chromebook user, you can get to know the foundations and how to use the Chromebook control shell. Sometimes, it's just curiosity or because, because you can't do it! On the other hand, building a deeper understanding of the device and technology that you use on a regular basis is probably not a bad thing. Make sure you are negligent so that other sophisticated orders must be used by those who are very well informed about what they are doing or as required by the developers.