A video-on-demand OTT streaming service in the United States, Paramount Plus is run and owned by Paramount Streaming. A division of Paramount Global is called Paramount Steaming. The service was initially introduced under the moniker CBS All Access, however, it was later changed to Paramount Plus. The majority of people want to try out a streaming service before subscribing to it when it comes to OTT platforms. This is due in part to the market's abundance of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and others. We'll check whether the Paramount Plus service is free for users in this post. You will know how to get Paramount Plus for Free.

How to subscribe to Paramount Plus free trial

Even though Paramount Plus is not free, it does give consumers a free trial. After registering on the website, you can use the Paramount Plus service for free for the first seven days. There are now two plans offered by Paramount Plus: an ad-supported plan and a premium plan without ads. Although the ad-supported plan is inexpensive, you will see advertisements when accessing Paramount Plus's content. A seven-day free trial is available for Paramount Plus. Users can access all of Paramount Plus's paid content for free during this time. Users can choose whether or not to buy the subscription after the free trial period has ended.

How to add the Paramount Plus channel to Prime Video on the web

  • Visit Amazon.com's Prime Video page.
  • Log in to your Amazon account or register a new one.
  • On the Paramount+ banner, select the Learn more link.
  • Select your plan by clicking the Start your free trials button. You will be charged through your Amazon account once your trial has ended.

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How to add the Paramount Plus channel to the Prime Video app on your smartphone

  1. Open the Prime Video application.
  2. Look up Paramount+.
  3. The Paramount+ banner by tapping it.
  4. Click the Start your free trial option after selecting the premium plan. Your Amazon account will be charged once your free trial has ended.
  5. Just keep in mind that while you may add the Paramount Plus channel to your Prime Video account, you will need to purchase a separate Paramount Plus subscription since it is not a part of the Prime Video subscription.

How to get Paramount Plus for free

For T-mobile subscribers, the Paramount Plus subscription is free. You can enroll in the Paramount Plus subscription for a year for free if you already have a T-mobile plan. Users with postpaid wireless network discovery subscriptions are the only ones who can take advantage of this offer at the moment. The following steps explain how to activate a free Paramount Plus membership on T-Mobile:

  1. Browse T-website. Mobile's
  2. The Paramount+ banner's Activate Subscription button should be clicked.
  3. Enter your T-mobile account login information now and click Get Started.
  4. You will then be taken to a page where you can register for Paramount+.
  5. The promotion will be automatically applied to your Paramount+ account after you create one.

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Is Paramount Plus free with Amazon Prime?

With an Amazon Prime subscription, Paramount Plus is not free. The Paramount Plus subscription must be purchased separately. To view Paramount Plus shows from their Prime Video account, consumers must add Paramount Plus as a channel to their account.

How do I access Paramount Plus on my TV?

First, see if the Paramount Plus app is already installed on your Smart TV. If not, you can download the Paramount Plus app from the app store on your TV. Install the Paramount Plus app by opening the app store on your TV and looking for it there. Your TV should have access to the Google Play Store if it is an Android TV. The Google Play Store is where you can get the Paramount Plus app on your Android TV.