With the help of the video streaming service Hulu, you may watch a vast selection of outstanding films, documentaries, and TV episodes. But even with its most affordable plan, which costs over $6.99 per month, there are several commercial breaks. Ad-supported content is despised by everyone. It's quite discouraging to watch movies and have to wait for the adverts to end before you can start watching. You might be interested in learning how to stop ads on Hulu if you are sick of opposing disturbing and disruptive ads. Fortunately, you can attempt a variety of approaches. We'll show all the methods for how to block ads on Hulu.

How to Block Ads on Hulu

Let's discuss a few strategies for ad blocking on Hulu. Modifying your membership plan or using additional apps or extensions are both options for ad blocking.

1. Change Your Hulu Plan

You should first check your Hulu Plan. The reason you may see advertisements is that the basic plan is ad-supported. A Hulu membership is always an option. They can be worth it even though they pay a little more because you can guide access to the information without any problems. You'll need to use a web browser on your PC to alter your plan. Here is how to go about it:

  • Open your Hulu account and log in.
  • Account may be accessed by clicking on your profile name in the top right corner.
  • Go down to the section under "Your Subscription."
  • Go ahead and click Manage, then scroll down.
  • Switch Plans by clicking.
  • Choose the option with no ads.
  • Select Review Changes after that.
  • You could now see new payment schedules.
  • Select your preferred plan and then click "Submit."

2. Try Ad-blocker Browser Extensions

Using free ad-blocker Chrome extensions is another simple solution to stop Hulu commercials without having to change your subscription. This is a great choice for streaming Hulu on your computer but may not work for watching it on TV. There are numerous ad-blocker extensions available. You may even come across some that are made just for Hulu. Similarly to that, you can get an ad-blocker app refresh if you primarily use a mobile device to view Hulu.

3. Use Ad-blocking Browsers

Try using an ad-blocking browser if you don't want to waste time hunting for browser plugins or programs to block adverts on Hulu. This is simple advice that you may follow right away, especially if your browser currently blocks ads. Some specialized browsers instantly block any advertisements they can find. So, using such browsers to watch Hulu can be a practical way to do so without being interrupted by ads.

4. Refresh the Hulu Web Page

The following advice is quite basic but incredibly effective. Just reload the website whenever an ad appears. The ads won't be entirely skipped, but they will probably run for less time. The advantage of this approach is that it also functions on television, so you are spared those really tiresome ads.

Depending on what you are watching, Hulu's ads change. For instance, there is only one 15-second advertisement in a 23-minute episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, there are 6-7 adverts that last about 90 seconds in an hour-long episode of, say, The Handmaiden's Tale. So, if an advertisement is making you impatient, you might wish to reload the website several times to make it shorter.

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5. Open Hulu on two tabs]

Open two tabs to watch the same movie or show on Hulu if you're using a desktop or mobile browser to access the service.

Simply mute one tab, skip to the first advertisement, and then begin watching the movie or show on the other tab until you get to the first ad. Mute the first advertisement when you get to it, then open the first tab. If you are viewing a protracted film or television program with lots of advertisements, this approach is worthwhile. However, it is definitely preferable to just watch the commercials if you are just binge-watching a sitcom.