While Chrome OS may appear to be less feature-rich and lightweight than Windows or macOS, you can tweak the majority of the OS's components. The new Wallpaper app on your Chromebook allows you to enable dark mode. On the Chromebook desktop, you can also add widgets and do a lot more. Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to modify the Google background on a Chromebook. On your Chromebook, you can install a new screen-saver background, change the desktop wallpaper, and download a new theme.

Customize Google Background on a Chromebook

We've added several options for customizing your Chromebook's Google background. You can apply a fresh theme, modify the Chrome browser's background, choose a new desktop wallpaper, or alter the screen saver.

1. Change the Google Background on Chrome Browser

  • On your Chromebook, first, launch the Chrome browser, then click "Customize Chrome" in the bottom-right corner.
  • Select the wallpaper of your choosing from Google's numerous collections under the "Background" section. There should be something here that appeals to you. If not, move on to the next idea.
  • The Chrome browser also allows you to select a unique backdrop. Simply select "Upload from device" under the "Background" options.
  • Next, select the backdrop image from the local storage of your Chromebook.
  • It ends there. You may modify the Google Chrome wallpaper on your Chromebook in the same way.

2. Change the Theme and Background on Chrome Browser

  • Open Settings in the Chrome browser if you wish to modify both the theme and the backdrop. To accomplish that, choose "Settings" by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on "Browser themes" in the right pane after moving to the "Appearance" area in the left sidebar.
  • It will launch the wallpaper on Chrome Web Store's Themes page. Feel free to go through the many themes on your Chromebook.
  • Open your preferred theme and select "Add to Chrome" from the browser menu.
  • And here is how it appears when your chosen theme has been applied.

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3. Change Desktop Background on Your Chromebook

  • Right-click the desktop and choose "Set wallpaper & style" to modify the desktop background on your Google Chromebook.
  • Then, select "Wallpaper" from the window that appears.
  • Many excellent wallpapers created by artists from various backgrounds can be found here.
  • Simply choose the wallpaper you prefer, and it will be set as the background of your Chromebook. Click "Change Daily" at the top to turn on a new wallpaper for your Chromebook's desktop each day.
  • In addition, you can immediately set Google Photos and local storage as your Chromebook's background. Yes, Chrome OS features themes and customization choices that are comparable to those of Windows and Mac.

4. Change the Screen Saver on Your Chromebook

  • On your Chromebook, you may quickly choose a dynamic screen-saver background if you want to. Simply select "Set wallpaper & style" by right-clicking on the desktop.
  • Next, select "Screen Saver" from the pop-up box.
  • Your Chromebook's dynamic screen saver will now be enabled when you enable the top toggle.
  • You can select the image source for the screen-saver wallpaper directly below. You can choose photos from your Google Photos library or specially chosen Google art.